About Teknova

As Research, Development and Biopharmaceutical costs are on the rise, companies worldwide are looking to consolidate their resources, outsource core and non-core support, and decrease costs while still continuing to pursue research and develop novel therapeutics. Teknova meets this demand by offering pre-poured plated media, buffers, solutions and reagents that support the standard molecular biology applications. Teknova was established in 1996 to fill a void in the biotech market: the need for pre-poured agar plates and other common products used in the research lab every day, with a fast turnaround. Teknova focused on the molecular biology research market rather than the clinical diagnostic market. Because of that, Teknova's extensive product listing is unique and not found elsewhere on the market. Teknova partners with large and small pharmaceutical companies as well as academic institutions nationally, providing cost saving solutions for genomic and library screening laboratories, drug discovery, disease research, and microbiological laboratories. Many of Teknova’s partners save up to $1 million dollars per year.

Teknova’s Products

Prepared and ready-to-use Agar plates and broths for growth of bacteria, yeast and an array of microbiological applications

  • Animal free media
  • Dry media and premixed formulations
  • Biological Buffers
  • Reagents
  • Media supplements
  • High yield media
  • Protein extraction reagents
  • Ultra pure chemicals
  • Antibiotics
  • Plant media


Our products support many applications including:

  • Library screening
  • Cloning
  • Gene expression
  • DNA purification
  • Transformation
  • Mutagenesis
  • Southern, western, and northern blotting
  • PCR
  • DNA sequencing
  • Phage display
  • Immunology

Our Distributors

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VWR International

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